Hi and welcome to the page of Mandy Carr - International Spiritual Medium, Pet Psychic and animal communicator.


Mandy Carr is an International Spiritual Medium and Pet Psychic and interacts with spirit and this also includes pets who have also passed. Although Mandy does one to one readings, Platform demonstrations, spiritual clearances and paranormal events she also specializes in animal communication and healing.

This can be done on a one to one consultation or it can also be done at a distance too so no matter where you live, she can still communicate with your loved ones in spirit and also with your pet whether on the earth plane or passed, in the UK or the other side of the world.

Mandy communicates via telepathy, thoughts and images sent from your pets via a photograph and can also pick up on any pain they may also be suffering from and pinpoint where the pain is and although she cannot diagnose as she is not a vet she can tell you where the pain is and what is causing it.

Animals and pets are affected much more than we realise by our surroundings and changes around them whether it be a house move, a new pet, a baby in the family, marriage and partnership splits, companions and family members passing etc and also are prone to picking up on our emotions and feelings and this can reflect in their behaviour. Even small subtle changes around the home can affect your pet in a big way.

Mandy is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire but works worldwide and has customers in Australia, New Zealand, America, UK, Spain, Canada, South Africa to name a few. She is available for one to ones and events in and around South Yorkshire and will travel further if required and operate on an email basis and Skype for other parts of the world.

About Mandy Carr...

International medium Mandy Carr has been working in this line of work for several years and has had the gift since childhood. She does one to one readings, party bookings, stage demonstration mediumship, paranormal investigations and also working with pets on the earth plane and also in spirit. Mandy has recently been featured in the Daily Mail, Pick Me Up Magazine, Take a Breaks Fate and Fortune Magazine and ITalkFM Radio in Spain. She is currently the resident Pet Psychic for an online spiritual magazine called "Cheeky Angels Spiritual Magazine" http://issuu.com/cheekyangels/docs/cheeky_angels_jan_2013

She also works alongside animal charities to help them with their residents looking for new homes to help see what their past life entailed and what circumstances they have come from along with their behaviours and any behavioural issues so they can be rectified before going onto their forever homes with new owners. 

She runs mediumship classes both in person and online and currently runs several courses in various aspects of mediumship and animal communications and has had many successful case studies and continues to do so with her love, compassion and understanding.

"I have since a child been able to see, hear and feel spirit and to be honest, as a child it is one of the most frightenings things to encounter and many a time i spent turning the light off and making a mad dash and literally diving into bed for fear of someone or something lurking under the bed ready to grab my ankles and drag me into oblivion never to be seen again... A childs view is quite frightening but my parents never understood at that time what was happening as they dont have the gift so i suffered in silence and alone but as i got older i realised what was happening and as i reached my early twenties i embraced it and have been working as a mediun for several years communicating with the spirit world.

I work on platform, i also do one to one readings, parties, email readings, paranormal investigations, spiritual clearances, pet psychic and animal communication work and currently run several pages and groups on Facebook helping to teach others to nurture their gifts and help them gain a better understanding.

I have also had a very special link with pets ever since being a child also. Many a time i would approach a dog only to be told "Dont go near him/her love cos they bite!" only to be greeted by a lick of a tongue and a wagging tail in anticipation of being fussed much to the owners amazement and this still happens now. Its great when they finally get to meet someone who they can talk to and also be heard...a lot of people underestimate the power of communication with pets and they can tell so many stories including telling tales on their owners :) Because of my gift i get to feel every pain in their body as though it were my own so i know exactly how they feeling and in what area too and although it can be uncomfortable at times i wouldnt change a thing! it may be their only opportunity of having someone around them who can do this and aslo talk to them. Pets communicate mainly via images, thoughts and the body language also plays a big part. The amount of times i have seen a pet send out a big red love heart to their owner only to be shouted at because they werent sitting on command... this is hurtful to see but that is only down to lack of understanding on the owners part. Pets love is unconditional and they will love you no matter what.

I act as a lifeline between pets and their owners and have many a time been communicating with the pet no matter where in the world they are while they take their last breaths... this is the most painful part of working with pets for me as i am with them every step of the way relaying the information from the pet to the owner with what their last wishes are and what they want. It never fails to reduce me to tears but i have the reassurance that the pet received what they wanted and their owners know exactly what they want and can respect that. It doesnt get any easier as i develop a very strong bond with the pet in order to do this work so its like losing one of my own everytime but i wouldnt change a thing! if i can help them then so be it, regardless of my feelings. I am human after all and with emotions and if i didnt have the emotion then i wouldnt be able to relay the information with feeling, compassion and sympathy.

I have also saved many owners huge vets bills by relaying what is wrong with the pet and it turned out to be something fairly trivial and easily sortable. I am not a vet nor do i claim to be but because i work in the way i do i am able to get to the bottom of the problem on most occasions and i normally know straightaway whether vet attention is needed. For example a client of mines cat was very "off" one day and didnt have any energy so she asked me to look into him before she took him to the vets and it turned out that his water had been changed and he refused to drink it and started to become dehydrated and had a headache.. only the owner knew she had changed the water so she was a bit shocked to say the least and she instantly changed the water back to usual and he drank it straight away and he was back to his normal self within a couple of hours.

Because i work telepathically and via thoughts with pets it doesnt matter where in the world they are, it can still be done quite easily whether it be a general reading, a health reading, distance healing, helping to find a missing or lost pet, or communicating with them.

I am currently in the process of writing a book called "When animals speak" where i will be going into far more detail of what i do with case studies, success stories, images of pets i have worked with all over the world along with plenty of the hunour stories too which have caused a bit of a stir at times like when they tell tale on their owners and believe me they do ;) and i will also be explaining more on how pet owners can enhance and learn to communicate with their pets so keep an eye out and i will announce further details on here and keep you all updated."

Lots of love,

Mandy xxx